Game ideas

Some other ideas I might like to incorporate into a game:

A tragic event that changes the world, forcing races and factions to work together who have not before.
Multiple races that mistrust/fear each other, and don’t normally come together unless there is a reason.
Detailed backgrounds.
Some elements of animal mysticism, like Shintoism, similar to Mononoke-hime.
Gods and mythological figures that gain power as more people believe in them. Some cooperation, but also some competition between the gods.
Earth-based magic, having to do with lines of force and flow, like tides or underground water flow.

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  1. space_parasite

    Feng Shui!

    The idea of different races that are normally self-segretating is good, although for the full effect, you’d need players good enough to roleplay their races’ peculiarities while not exploding the party.

    For a brief moment, I thought of suggesting that the races segregate because they prefer different environments (diurnal/nocturnal, aboveground/underground, etc) but that may lead to frustration on the part of the N-1 players whose characters aren’t well-suited to the current scene.

    The animal gods in Mononoke-hime are darn cool. Steal from the best!

    A lot of fiction with the ‘gods powered by mortal faith’ trope postulates that the gods require only belief on the part of their worshippers, but in a game (especially one with a setting that draws from the pre-monotheistic period) it’s probably better to have actions required. Your god really is nourished by the burnt offerings, so if his worshippers don’t provide sacrifices, he gets hungry and cranky.

    Between the Rivers by Harry Turtledove has an interesting take on this stuff.

    Admire how I blather here instead of er preparing for my own upcoming game. :)

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