Weird dream

I got woke up by a call on my cell, from someone who didn’t leave a message, but whose number is 408-275-8379. (If this is your number, let me know and I’ll remove it :) It was 6:43 and I decided to get a little more sleep, knowing my alarm was set for 7:20.

Well. I woke up a couple more times, the first time I thought, “I’m still a little tired, I wonder how much longer I have before the alarm goes off.” The second time I thought, “Hmm, that’s strange, it should have gone off by now, I really should…” Then the third time I thought “OK, I am less tired than I expected to be this morning, something is definitely wrong.” That was at 9:51.

So I got up and emailed my boss to let him know I was betrayed by the little “AM/PM” indicator on my alarm, and that I would be in shortly.

I can’t actually remember much of my dream, except that it was kind of cool. Everyone had magic spells, which we could activate through these little devices that looked like cell phones or calculators or something. The spells were based on words or syllables made of letters, except I had another unit which had numbers on it and that meant I could access more spells. It was sort of Matrix-like I guess.

That’s all for now.

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  1. misty_shadows

    Well, I know it wasn’t me on the phone… but hopefully you’ve been having fewer attacks of my purse phoning you? Or at least my billfold. I don’t know which part of my attire has the crush on you and thusly must keep dialing you on my cell…

    But I changed your quickdial number so maybe it hasn’t figured that out yet.

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