Weekend report

Friday- There was a party thing at work, so I stayed until about 5:30 or so. On the way home, got a call from D asking if we want to come for dinner. We did so, and had a good time.

Dinner was grilled tri-tip, sausages and asparagus. Asparagus turned out pretty good- we laid like 8-10 of them in a row and then skewered them together with a short skewer perpendicular to the stems at about the 1/3 and 2/3 positions. Brushed them with a little olive oil and shook on salt and pepper, then grilled for like 4 min. The only problem we had was that the asparagus spears were really thin and tender so they kept breaking, but mostly they held together OK… this would have been a bit easier if the spears were a little on the chunky side.

After a short movie and some videos, and some ice cream, we headed for home about 1:00.

Saturday- Laundry was washed… not all of it but about half of it. I also finished the rest of the vinyl tile in the bathroom. Then I went to bed.

Sunday- Went to home depot and got two toilets (good deal, 69.90 each for a complete kit). Chris came over at 2:00, right after the power went out. Power came back on at like 3:00 or something. We went to Fry’s, then Baja Fresh, then back home. Chris helped me to install the toilet – everything seems to be fine, no leaks so far – the only thing left to do is to hacksaw the super-long bolts so the caps will fit over them. The only problem was that the hose wasn’t quite right, so I got to Home Depot just as they were closing and managed to get the right part.

I now feel pretty confident in being able to replace the other toilet, but I still have seething hatred for installing vinyl. Finally went to bed about 11:30.

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