Reply received from my Rep

Received reply. It’s good to see the Democratic party take a pretty much united stand against the amendment. Also, I know this is a form letter because I entered the same letter twice (after getting an error message) and then got two copies of the reply :) But it’s excellent to see them responding.

Dear Mr. Connor:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Federal Marriage Amendment. I appreciate hearing your views on this matter.

Please know that I share your concerns about this proposal. The ramifications of the Federal Marriage Amendment would be damaging to any non-traditional family in the United States. The law would negatively impact gay and lesbian couples and elderly couples who remain unmarried in order to receive their pensions. The choice of a life partner is a very personal decision, and I do not believe government should intrude in this private institution.

The Federal Marriage Amendment was introduced on May 21 by new Republican Representative Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado. It is now pending before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, and you may rest assured that I am opposing it.

Thank you again for sharing your views with me on this important matter. Your voice helps shape the way I represent our district.

Mike Honda
Member of Congress

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