Interview today with Y Mail team

I just chatted with kethry to tell her some good news. Now, I will tell you all!

So I had an interview today. I feel really good about it.

It was at Yahoo. I found out about the job on Monday and applied. The recruiter sent my info to the manager Tuesday and the manager called me at home Tuesday night (last night). When I mentioned I would be on-site at Yahoo tomorrow he said “Great, let me get together some people to interview you.” I was surprised that I got an interview the next day with 4 people. It sounds like I just got right in at the second level :) Doesn’t that kick ass?

It is operations like (as ops-like as it gets but still being in R&D technically) and it is in the Yahoo! Mail team. They were really excited that I’m excited about spam.

So after talking to the guy on the phone last night, I stayed up late last night working on my write-up for the spam server. (See previous journal entry)

Interestingly, I happened to see one of the other managers who wants me, I think he saw me in the conf room with the other team. So later tonight I got a mail from them saying “OK we are ready to interview you, when is good?” That was neat. I kind of like seeing them fight over me :) It almost makes up for the bummer effect of being on transition in the first place.

The second guy (Nam, who contacted me today) — the funny thing is, I know he is *really really* busy right now but I think he panicked a bit when he saw me talking to the other dudes. (“bah! make time for me! I’m important!”)

Anyway, the mail team is now 1st on my list because it involves spam and because they seem excited. The one that is now 2nd on the list was Nam, in the Search team. Both of these are “we’re part of R&D but we do ops-like things because Ops doesn’t 100% cover our needs”. So things like pushing the same software and config to 500 machines, setting up monitoring scripts to page us, etc. Very similar jobs in two different products.

The third one is in actual Production Ops. The only opening they have right now is “DNS Administrator” which is kind of a step down, but I could probably work my way up in that organization really quickly. There is a rumor that they have more reqs and headcount too and may be hiring more people like me but right now there is nothing similar to my current job (half manager/half tech guy). We shall see if they start to get off their asses and interview me. I intend to keep the pressure on :)

That is all.

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