Broccoli Ramen Casserole

Once home, I made Alton’s Broccoli Ramen Casserole and it was excellent. It’s a little Akane-style, mostly because it uses package ramen as an ingredient (uncooked, and including seasoning packet). Instead of mushrooms (mushroom! mushroom!) I used green peas as additional vegetable matter, and caesar dressing instead of bleu cheese dressing, but everything else was to spec. Great casserole, good balance of veggies to noodles actually.

0 thoughts on “Broccoli Ramen Casserole

  1. melanie

    that’s good, huh? i’d never have even considered it due to the ramen factor, so that’s good to know. i’m rather prejudiced against ramen noodles because i lived on them for several months one winter, but my kids love them. this might be a good thing to fix for them.

    1. nekodojo

      I have pretty low standards, since I really only cook for myself once or twice a week and it’s generally of the prepared-food variety and not from scratch. But it’s definitely worth a try — it’s the best casserole I have had in a long time.

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