Weekend Report

Friday: wandered off early. No gaming. I think I made spaghetti.

Saturday: Tried to fix the Tivo channel changing. Seems to be better, but I had to use Super Slow mode (6 seconds each). After taking apart the tivo with the intent of covering the inside emitter, I found out that the series 2 doesn’t have an emitter on the front, so the foil tent doesn’t really help. I think there was some baja fresh burritos at some point. Took back the movie which I didn’t get around to watching (shanghai nights).

Sunday: Failed to do laundry, foot still hurts. Had some pan-fried ramen noodles. mmm, salty starchy goodness. M watched TV, I watched for a while and got bored of it, I don’t understand how anyone can have the patience for ordinary tv anymore now that there is tivo. So instead I spent like 6 hours trying to get Quicken to sync the 401k from Vanguard.

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