I’ve started a new blog

I decided to create a new WordPress blog for myself at blog.nekodojo.org.  I’m hoping to use it to express some thoughts which don’t fit nicely in a Facebook or Tweet format.

I’ll try to make sure things are mirrored to Facebook, LiveJournal, etc. I will likely still be reading Facebook every day, and probably visiting Twitter and LiveJournal on a regular basis.I have been a long time LiveJournal user, 10+ years now I think, but it’s clear that LiveJournal is not where most of my friends are anymore. I use Facebook pretty heavily, but I still can’t reach all the people who are important to me, and it bothers me that they keep changing things to make it harder to see the stuff we want to see. I have also experimented with Twitter a bit but it doesn’t yet have a critical mass, same with Google+.

So, I thought it was important to have my own platform, and to do a best effort at reflecting to other platforms where groups of my friends might be. So, hopefully my stuff will get reflected onto Facebook and Twitter at least, and possibly LJ, Dreamwidth, App.net, tumblr, whatever else I can think of.  So, if you are on at least one of those, you should still see me.  If you start to see my posts twice, it’s OK to remove me from your feed in some places to save duplication.

I still love to get comments, and I will still see the comments wherever they are.  You can comment on my post wherever you see it, or you can follow back to the blog.  You should be able to comment using your FB, Google, LJ or other ID.  (In fact you can help me by commenting back, that way I can tell if it’s working and if people are able to read and respond.  If you have time, drop me a comment on the blog or wherever you see the link.)

As for whether I can still see you, I will still read Facebook daily and probably LJ and Twitter a couple times a week.  You’re still important to me, so I want to see what you’re thinking about, whether it is interesting links or something you wrote.

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