What works for me: Diet changes first, exercise later

What we are always told:
Diet and exercise are both important.  If you do only one, and not the other, you will not succeed.

What I found to be true for me:
Exercise never helped me to lose weight.  It was usually either a distraction, or messed with my diet, or even worse, gave me pain and injuries.  I've seen some news lately that suggests exercise is important for health, but not actually effective for weight loss.

So, my experience was that changing my diet (i.e. less carb more fat) allowed me to get to 70% of my goal.  Now I am able to exercise without hurting myself, so I started a modest workout plan.  It has slowed down my weight loss, but I am not too concerned.

2 thoughts on “What works for me: Diet changes first, exercise later

  1. 7leaguebootdisk

    a detailed review

    From listening to Rob Wolf’s podcast and other sources, body composition is 85% diet. Rob owns a gym, that is not the answer that would make him the most money, so I’m inclined to believe him. Also, a fun interesting podcast.

    1. gconnor

      Re: a detailed review

      Exactly. everything I’m hearing says that exercise changes your “lean body mass” (i.e. makes your muscles larger) but doesn’t really do much for your fat content one way or the other. When I was at 298 I wish someone would have grabbed me and said “Look, don’t even worry about exercise for now.” Like, my doctor should have.

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