Job search update

Listed in order of my current preference.

1. Apple, three pos. itunes,, and/or .mac
Good: good location/commute, great company, have worked for them before, free iPhone, discounted Mac stuff.
Bad: nothing bad, far as I know.

2. Linden Labs, makers of Second Life
Good: good location (mv), OK commute, interesting product, interesting culture.
Bad: Game companies tend to pay less. Startup mode.

3. CreateSpace
Good: good people, working with friends, lots of servers, good challenge/career path, subsidiary of Amazon
Bad: Located in Scotts Valley, startup mode, working with friends :)

4. ProofPoint
Good: Spam-related, great commute (237)
Bad: Startup mode, doing tech support (3rd or 4th tier “Enterprise” team, but still techsupport), pay may be lower than I’m getting now.

5. K-company in Emeryville
Good: lots of servers, appropriate challenge/career path, highly compatible with my current position
Bad: Very similar to my current company and position. And, emeryville? only if I’m desperate. Commute would be worse than I have now. Pay would almost certainly be less.

6. Yahoo.
Demoted because they didn’t get back to me for 3+ weeks. Contacted for 2 positions. Maybe they’ll contact me again? Who knows.

7. Danger.
Demoted because they didn’t get back to me for 3+ weeks. Also there’s a rumor that someone I know might end up working there (which would count as a strike against them in this case)

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  1. grahamwest

    I know someone who works at Linden Lab. They telecommute from Chicago (we’re both ex-Midway) but I can recommend you via them.

    I also have a friend down here who’s a senior sysadmin at Yahoo. I believe right now his group is looking for people with PHP and some C/C++ but I can recommend you to other groups via him and he will make sure the HR group doesn’t sit on your resume for 3 weeks (he already did this for me to another friend who applied for an editor job).

    If we needed sysadmins here I would vouch for you through our hiring process but we’re a dev shop. All the Ops is in Texas.

    1. nekodojo

      Right now Linden is interested, and is calling me back… I will most likely get an interview next week.

      Yahoo, not so much, so if you’d like to pass on my resume to him, every little bit helps. I believe someone within Yahoo already entered me as a referral so whoever else does so probably won’t get the referral bonus… but if it leads to another contact I’d love to buy him dinner :) Link to my resume is:

      Thanks for the comment!

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