Rats are leaving the ship

Today my boss and two other people were fired. Jim and Heath are gone as of today, and Rich is leaving in a week or two.

I think that our VP Geoffrey is making a mistake, and I told him so, at least with regard to Jim. I told him that I think Jim is exactly what our department needs, and that he’s the reason I hadn’t left already. I flat out told him that my job search would be kicked into high gear because of this. He said that he appreciates my honesty and that he wishes I would give him a chance to make things better. I expressed that Jim *was* the last chance, for me. :(

I feel badly for Heath as well… it seems that they were sort of ambushed with something at the last minute and taken to task for some vendor not completing their end on time. Ah well.

I failed to express any remorse at Rich leaving. In my opinion Geoffrey got that one right, but it’s too little, too late for me to take any solace in it.

Interestingly, I also found out Friday that Kanda is leaving, and Friday was Monish’s last day as well. Assuming Heather and I are not here for long, that brings total attrition to something like 8? (Daniel, Monish, Kanda, Jim, Heath, Rich, Greg, Heather). 9 if you count David who left some few months ago. I would not be at all surprised if Josh, Kerry, and even Vitaliy leave soon. New Networking guy Wayne likely will not last long without Heath there. That means they will be left with Geoffrey, Carrie, Ray, Casey, Bryan, Markus, Edward, Beam, Larry, Hubert, Sherrett, Paul. I wish Sfly and Iops lots of luck, but I’m no longer willing to wait around and see if things get better.

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  1. aellya

    Wow, that’s kind of shitty to fire someone just like that. Especially if you don’t take each person’s history with the company on a case by case basis and just base it on that one flub.

    Ah well Greg, its best if you move on anyhow, you’ll likely be happier for it. You’re a wonderful and intelligent man, and you’ll find something good I’m sure :).

    If I can help in any way, I’ll do my best, course you know I’m not networked in any kind of relevant field for you :D

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