I fail at “manager”

Crap. I just showed up to a $VP meeting unprepared. I promised to do two important things, about the only things I promised 2 weeks ago, and I totally failed to do anything at all on them. So I got sternly “reminded” in front of peers that when I say I will do something, I need to do it. It’s not the first time it’s happened, either; both of my to-do items have had their dates moved a couple times due to previous failure.

I have recently had more work piled on me, which is a new kind of work. So far, I’ve sort of drifted along getting more and more behind, and only responding to something the second or third time I’m asked. A crappy way to do business, but so far I don’t know how to turn away/postpone work gracefully. Today proves that if I just do what people are clamoring for Right Now, the important stuff will slip.

I guess my main complaint is that I’ve got myself a shiny new organizer, and I’m still not organized. I am going to need to work longer hours for a while, or find stuff to stop doing, or both.

6 thoughts on “I fail at “manager”

  1. Anonymous

    Shiny new organizer that’s electronic, or paper? Sometimes I find good ole paper works better. I don’t know why, but.. :) HUG

  2. nekodojo

    Paper, actually, and it’s been working fairly well for the things I put in in it. Calendar, good.

    But part of my problem is that I have at least 2 other electronic “taskmasters” – my email inbox and our “ticket tracking” system… plus there are at least 2 meetings that have their own “things to do by next meeting” running lists (one of these is the one which VP was disappointed about)

    Too many tracking systems, so adding another didn’t really help. I have to re-think my approach to “tasks” or “to do” list, but I will definitely keep it going for calendar and address book.

    1. Anonymous

      Here’s an idea – buy some sticky ‘dot’ labels. Small ones. Then when you have a deadline for something in your email – stick say a green one in your paper organizer. When you have other areas in which things are due, stick a red one, etc. So, don’t bother writing it all out – I doubt it’d fit anyway, but have a colour system.

      Also, consider having your ‘due’ dates 1-2 days before the meeting. :)

    2. goldenlily

      Duh, let’s try this a second time.

      Try buying some coloured small ‘dots’.

      apply a dot in say red for email alerts that have a deadline into your paper organizer.

      Apply a green dot for meeting 1 deadlines, maybe a 1-2 days in advance in case something comes up.

      etc.. might help! :)

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