WW update

Last week on WW I managed to stay below my 40 points for 5 out of 7 days. Not a lot, mind you… I’m still well within my weekly goal, since there’s another 35 “floating” points to use any time within the week. My biggest points day was when I had specialty’s breakfast sandwich with sausage, also coffee cake, and also got take-out Thai food for dinner. I can’t do that every day, but doing that once a week definitely won’t kill me.

After 1 week I’m actually down 10 pounds. Some of that could be random fluctuations, but probably at least 5 of that is actual loss. I don’t want to keep that rate… I’d rather lose 2-3 per week and take my time getting where I want to go.

I also “levelled up” in the fitness/calisthenics program (see prior post for details). Ding 3! Level 3 consists of 4 stretches, 6 crunches, 6 leg lifts, 3 push ups, and running in place for 170 steps mixed in with 14 jumping jacks. (These are all the “easy” versions of the exercises, crunch only enough to see your heels, push up with knees on the ground, etc). It’s getting progressively easier but I’m still pretty winded after all that. I’m content to take my time there too.

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    1. torquemada

      For that matter, try Kool-aid unsweetened drink mix with Splenda (or other low-carb sweetener of choice; I imagine Stevia would work well) to about half the sweetness the instructions require, less if you can (in a 1qt water bottle I do one packet/scoop of Kool-aid to three or four packets of Splenda). It’s better cold, but is still quite palatable once it warms up, if you let it.

      1. nekodojo

        Excellent idea… I may try that too. So far I’ve had good luck with both plain water and the crystal light mixes, which I usually dilute way more than the instructions say. I also have really good luck with a pint of water, 1-2 splenda, and a squirt of lemon juice.

    2. nekodojo

      I do drink a fair amount of plain water, though I have to say I recently picked up some crystal light single-dose packets, and the fruit punch is my favorite so far.

      Thanks for the wishes! I’ll keep you posted.

    1. nekodojo

      I really am going for “micro-changes” this time… I decided the first week or two I would mostly just track what I’m doing and not try to change a lot.

      I did pretty much stop candy right away, and bought a few “light” items, but nothing really huge. I’m certainly not starving. I think I’m more aware of portion sizes and just knowing that I will be writing it all down later makes it a bit easier to stay within the lines. But I’ve also been out to Thai and Sushi, and had a couple breakfast sandwiches with sausage.

      So far I’ve really only had one day where I used up my daily points and more than 1/7th of my weekly flex, so I’m encouraged and cautiously optimistic that the small, incremental change approach will work.

      I’m also aware that my points will drop as I drop, so I will probably get to a point where the computer is telling me that I’m eating too much. The current plan if that happens is to continue the small incremental changes and not beat myself up too much.

      Thanks for the wishes, and I’ll keep you posted.

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