Typical day on WeightWatchers

So far I have been paying attention to portion sizes, and not trying to cut down quantities, really, but cutting out a few small things here and there (like candy, pretty much entirely.

According to the suggested POINTS goal, I’m doing well and coming in under the suggested amount. One day was well under the daily (41 points), and the other day was over the daily amount, but uses less than 1/7th of the weekly overflow (35 extra/week).

Here are two typical days of POINTS values.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Breakfast: Chex, skim milk, coffee 13.5
Subtotal 13.5

3 serving Safeway sushi, 3 pcs 11
8 fl oz Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi 0
1 serving Snapple diet iced tea 0
Subtotal 11

1 1/2 serving Safeway: Chicken tortilla soup 2.5
1 cup mixed vegetables 1.5
1 Tbsp Light Mayonnaise 1
Subtotal 5

15 small olive(s) 1
3 oz Garlic hummus 5.5
2 serving Light salami 3
2 item whole-wheat matzo(s) 3.5
4 oz cooked skinless light meat turkey 4
Subtotal 17

Food POINTS values total used 46.5
Food POINTS values remaining 0

0 min Fitness ladder: 2 – Activity I created 1
Activity POINTS values earned 1

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hot tea, splenda 0
Breakfast: Chex, skim milk, coffee 8.5
Subtotal 8.5

3 oz spaghetti with meatsauce 2.5
Turkey/cheddar sandwich 8.5
Subtotal 11

1 1/2 cup minestrone soup, prepared 6
1 1/2 cup mixed vegetables 2.5
2 Tbsp butter 6
Subtotal 14.5

Food POINTS values total used 34
Food POINTS values remaining 7

0 min Fitness ladder 2 – Activity I created 1
Activity POINTS values earned 1

So, all-in-all it looks like it might work out well; it’s too early to say, but I’m cautiously optimistic. So far I have used WW pretty much as a tracking tool only, and I haven’t taken advantage of their discussion areas, recipe ideas, or whatever else they’re offering for the online package. I could probably do the same tracking on my own, but this is convenient for now.

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