Things to do

I need a decent “to do list” application. For now I’ll post this here.

  • Sort through pile of papers on desk
  • Shred 2006 stuff
  • Move 2007 bills and pay stubs to “last year” file
  • Do taxes for 2007
  • Get and enter final W2 info, file return
  • Rollover SGI 401k into Yahoo 401k
  • Get blood tested again for iron
  • Type up “things to do” for home repair projects
  • Spend Lowe’s gift card on home stuff
  • File papers in the “to be filed” pile
  • File or shred additional papers in desk/hutch
  • File timeshare papers
  • Find homes for 2 dell desktops and 2 CRT monitors
  • Reorganize computer cabinet/shelf area
  • File manuals and papers on top of file box
  • Put away stuff in “extra/wtf stuff” box
  • Work on plan for forgotten realms campaign
  • Work on “tarot reading for character background” system
  • Replacement battery for Belkin UPS model F6C800

0 thoughts on “Things to do

    1. nekodojo

      I will check those out. I’m also tempted to just use pen/paper for a while, so I won’t be distracted by the technology and start flicking instead of todo-ing

      ttys, hope you are well!

  1. waterowl

    I just use a ToDo list with Twiki divided in short term, medium term and long term. And then WikiWords to break up larger tasks. It also makes it easy to move a task up or down in priority. But of course it doesn’t remind me.

    The only to do list I found functional and please don’t hate me for this was in Outlook, but I find Outlook unbearable for other reasons.

    1. nekodojo

      Thanks for the tip! I will consider that… I’m also strongly considering pen/paper for my “to do” system, at least for now until I get things organized a little better.

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