Jungle Cats, round 1

Today’s project was to trap a feral cat and deliver her to the local shelter for spay (or possibly neuter, not sure).

We usually feed the ferals at 10-12 at night, so last night we didn’t, and they were still hanging around at 5:50. We put some nice smelly canned food in the trap and it worked like a charm. (It helps that we have been feeding them IN the disarmed trap for 2 weeks or so).

We almost got both kittens in there at once; the second one was right on the heels of the first one and almost got a trap door to the face. The first one freaked the hell out, but calmed down almost immediately after we covered the trap with a blanket. The canned food stayed in the trap with her but I’m willing to bet it’s not touched.

We kept her in the covered trap, in the garage, from 6:15 to 7:30, then I left for the shelter. It turned out to be a 30 min drive to south San Jose. It took about 20 min to drop off, fill out the form, and wait to be called, and another 10 min after that for processing and then I left for work around 8:30. From south San Jose (Tully x Curtner or so) it takes about 90 min to get to work.

I need to get back to the shelter between 5-530 to pick her up. If all goes well she’ll be released to rejoin her fellow Jungle Cats.

0 thoughts on “Jungle Cats, round 1

  1. demariana

    Are they going to notch the ear or anything to mark that you have already gotten the cat fixed? I wish I had the money and time to do what you are doing. I tried, but was unable to keep it up. I did get 2 lovely cats out of it though.

  2. beckerbuns

    I know that shelter. Was there the day it opened (CSJ employee). It’s a nice place. This is really good that you’re doing your part to keep the cat population down, too. :)

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