New friend?

Someone just friended me, but it’s hard to tell if the journal in question is run by a real person. We have no friends in common, and the journal was created today. 1 entry was posted in it (which I can’t see, despite being a friend) and the new journal’s 85 friends have nothing much in common other than being all from San Jose CA.

Anyway, if this new friend is you, comment here or email me so I know you’re a real person.

Whether or not the new journal is owned by a real person or a robot, I may go ahead and friend some of the other friends, who seem to have similar interests. Even if the mystery journal is not run by a real person, the other friends of mystery journal appear real enough.

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  1. beckerbuns

    I got an SMS about this other person friending me, and then another one a short time later about you. Thanks for clearing up your part with this post. :)

    I’m not that person, and I’m suspicious of he/she/it. Not adding unless I’m given a good reason to. Like said, it’s probably just trying to sell us insurance.

    But I see we have a few friends and interests in common, so I’ll probably add you back. My life is pretty complicated, so feel free to read the “cast of characters” post if you happen to be interested in finding out more.

    (And hey, it’s always cool to meet more local people.)

    1. nekodojo

      Interesting that the person has such a random collection of friends. If it’s not a robot, it might just be someone seeking to use LJ to make local contacts and sell to them… who knows. Usually you don’t see a brand-new journal with LOTS of friends who don’t seem to know each other.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment, and I’ll most likely talk to you soon. Take care.


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