I’m here

It’s a Monday. I was very tired this morning so I ended up sleeping later than I planned – I got up at 8:30 instead of 7:00, skipped the shower, packed a lunch and hauled my butt to work. I thought about calling in sick because my knee really hurts today, and I’m having a little trouble getting around. Traffic was light, thankfully. I got here a little before 10:00, but I somehow doubt anyone will even notice.

The funny (ironic, sad) part of the story is that today is a HOLIDAY and I’m now alone in a virtually empty office. I realized what happened when I pulled into the empty parking lot at 9:45. It’s not even that I didn’t know it was a holiday… I was reminded of it Weds. Thurs. and Fri. of last week. So I have no excuse other than “I’m L4ME” for being here.

However, now that I am here I might as well work on some things. This week is going to be tight and I will have to scramble a bit if I am to finish everything before going on vacation next week. I figure I will stay at least 2 hrs, maybe 4, depending on how excited I am about the automation stuff I’m working on.

So yeah. I’m here, for now :)

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