Truck vs. House

Truck vs. House (not ours!)

Luckily, this is NOT, repeat NOT a picture of my house. The following is known about the accident:

  • Driver fled the scene, truck presumed stolen
  • Initial impact was not at angle shown, driver probably turned trying to pull out
  • In order to hit the house, driver had to make it over a curb, bushes, sidewalk, more bushes, and another curb.
  • Gas main had to be shut off (probably why house windows are open)
  • This unlucky homeowner has the unit closest to the street. Our unit is furthest from the street (and not even attached to the same building.)

I had an interesting day, but thankfully not as interesting as the day this homeowner (or the stupid driver) is having. Seeing this when I got home (and the fire truck, police car and PG&E van) was actually the second-most interesting thing for me today.

The #1 most interesting thing to happen to me today… will have to wait for the next post (which will be friend-locked).

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