Exercise log for October

Exercise log for October
Sun 10/1:
Mon 10/2:
Tue 10/3:
Wed 10/4:
Thu 10/5:
Fri 10/6:
Sat 10/7:
Sun 10/8:
Mon 10/9:
Tue 10/10:
Wed 10/11:
Thu 10/12:
Fri 10/13:
Sat 10/14:
Sun 10/15:
Mon 10/16:
Tue 10/17:
Wed 10/18:
Thu 10/19:
Fri 10/20:
Sat 10/21:
Sun 10/22:
Mon 10/23:
Tue 10/24:
Wed 10/25:
Thu 10/26:
Fri 10/27:
Sat 10/28:
Sun 10/29:
Sun 10/29:
Mon 10/30:
Tue 10/31:

0 thoughts on “Exercise log for October

    1. nekodojo

      Indeed, that’s the “simple” part left to do. I pretty much stopped exercising altogether last month because my knee was hurting me (and the only exercise I was doing was stationary bike.) Hopefully this month I’ll be able to get back on the program.

      1. mysticmoose

        I am sorry to hear that your knee has been hurting you – I didn’t mean to imply that you haven’t been exercising – I guess I figured the log would be of what you completed in September and not an empty log of October :)

        keep us informed as to how you’ve been doing – I suppose that a good idea would be to find ways of exercising that will help strengthen your knee? I myself, as you know, have a bit of a bad back and really need to motivate myself to better exercise my lower back so that it will have the strength to withstand further injury. I know how hard it is to motivate onesself to do the same (boring) exercises every day when there are so many more interesting things to do!

        all the best –

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