Still at SGI

Two years ago, I started as a contractor at SGI, herding unix machines and with the general guideline of “do cool things and train the rest of the team on sendmail, when you have time”. I was hired into a group of five sysadmins, one “monitoring” guy, two “remote access” folks, one security guy and a manager.

Since that time I have:
deployed a spam appliance
trained people on spam
deployed a dhcp management interface and 4 dhcp servers
trained people on dhcp
taken over “monitoring” (read: nagios and munin) from the “monitoring guy” when he left
trained people on monitoring
seen two sysadmins get laid off
got converted from contract to perm right near a layoff, hard to do
taken over design/architecture roles when 4 designers left within a couple months
seen our manager leave and not get replaced
taken over “remote access” when the last remote access person left (a @!*&load of busy-work)

Basically, I’ve done everything I can think of to do except for training people on sendmail :)

Now, today, two more sysadmins were laid off. That means of our original group of 10 we are left with one sysadmin, and one security guy. (Thank goodness he is a good sysadmin too, I just have to show him where the tools are). I am, by default, the shaman: the inheritor of a rich, 15+ year oral history of how we got to this point, and I’ve only been here 2 years. Winning at this version of musical chairs is not fun.

This looks like the beginning of the end, for me. I still have a couple things I want to accomplish in the next 3-4 months, so that I can say I did them, but if I continue to get piled with busywork with 0 need for creativity and 0 opportunity to change things for the better, I’ll probably leave close to the end of the year whether or not I accomplished the things I wanted to do.

The next big thing? I’m not sure, but hopefully it will involve killing spammers and perl coding.

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  1. miche_connor

    We’re going to be looking, seriously.

    My only thing is that I am reluctant to leave CA because my mom is not so well… but then again, she’s fairly stable. Getting farther away from greg’s mom is always always good.


    And we are just getting the kitchen done. ;P lol.;)

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