Gaming session pt. 2

I added the rest of the gaming session to the end of the previous entry. “continued” link below jumps to the new text.

Serene is the first one out the door. Holfast can be seen following three people from a distance: the two soldiers (Bombin and Roscoe) and a woman in priestess robes, probably a follower of Tyr. The three of them are also running toward something… some sounds of a commotion.

Her first impulse is to follow Holfast, but just as she is turning right, she becomes aware of sounds behind her. Voices from the White Hart. A breeze rustling its way through the grasses. Water from the Ashaba gurgling its way around the ford. A spooked horse from the stables across the river. And off a bit beyond that, the voice of someone screaming “Help!” Someone over there is in trouble, even though the cry was almost drowned out by the voices by the tavern patrons, it was unmistakable. Someone in fear of his life, or that of a loved one.continued…

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