Gaming session

Finally (!!) I got around to hosting the first session of my D&D 3e Forgotten Realms campaign.

Session notes posted to …

As our scene opens, four adventurers have come from the Shieldmeet festival in Battledale and have ridden pretty hard to get through the forest before nightfall. They manage to emerge from the forest proper just as the sun is setting (easier to do in the peak of summer) and they reach the town of Ashabenford just as it’s starting to get dark. more…

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    1. nekodojo

      Oh now, let’s not quibble about who was supposed to call whom, and work on solving our underlying problem. I need to see you and Helene every two weeks, if this game thing is going to work. Give me a date, and I’ll make sure it’s on my calendar this time! :)

      1. swami_bob

        I think we were wondering about your availability this weekend, since we are way overdue for a visit. Call me today :). I got a new cell phone, and forgot to copy over the phone numbers, le sigh.

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