Melon sorbet

We made a modified version of Alton’s Melon Sorbet on Sunday. It turned out wonderfully. This sorbet meets with the misty_shadows seal of approval.

Our modified version contained:
1 lb 10 oz diced melon
10 oz sugar
2 Tbs peach schnapps

All ingrdients into bar blender. Pulse until visible chunks are gone, then blend low for about 30 more seconds. Chill mixture for about 30-60 min in fridge. Process in ice cream machine (with our machine we broke it into 2 batches at about 20 min each) until it is slushy and holds its shape. Relocate the mixture to the freezer for 2 hours.

I don’t think the type/proof of liquor is important, as long as it’s about 2T of a liquid which doesn’t freeze at the temp of your freezer. The peach schnapps we used is about 30 proof.

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