Ten things…

1. Commandeered an expensive pair of load balancers to send 3 million spams per day to a decoy server for analysis.
2. Been kicked out of the house for 2 months, because I refused to lie for someone.
3. Been kicked out of the house 1 year later, because I refused to steal confidential information for someone.
4. Sneaked into a tent in front of a girlfriend’s house to spend the night with her.
5. Made home-made cat food out of rice and chicken livers.
6. Bought property on The Strip in Las Vegas.
7. Got ordained… online. And performed a wedding, holding my furigana dictionary instead of a prayer book.
8. Fell asleep at the wheel at 3 pm, became airborne, popped 4 tires and bent 4 rims, then woke up and heard about my stunt from a cop.
9. Argued with my Religion teacher over whether masturbation is sinful.
10. Cut a class for most of a year and took an F. That class being P.E.

If you have done any of these things, let me know and I will come up with some more! :)

11. Appeared on TV (local cable) for a high-school math competition.
12. Installed LiveJournal server code on my own server.

0 thoughts on “Ten things…

  1. arkady

    I regularly make my own catfood from rice and chicken livers. I have also had a blazing row with an R.E. teacher in front of the whole school over whether masturbation was sinful.

    1. nekodojo

      Wow, looks like you win the prize for this meme :)

      I was about to add “Called the police on my downstairs neighbor twice in one night” but it occurs to me that you might have that one too…


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