0 thoughts on “Dinner, anyone?

      1. agrimony

        It’s not the same without the mango chutney. :) Of course, I miss you all /much/ more than I miss the fondue. (Well, okay, /sometimes/ I miss the fondue more, but that’s really a minority of the time.) :)

  1. cyranocyrano

    I’m always willing to pimp out Thai City in Palo Alto. And there’s another Thai place that the girls really love down on Castro, but I don’t recall the name immediately. Also like Ariake in Sunnyvale, La Bamba or Burrito Real in Mountain View, Janat by our old place in Milpitas… Ooo. There’s always that ‘dinner and a movie’ kind of option, like getting Janat and watching Bend it Like Beckham (alu gobi would probably be required), or Chinese take out with Hero, or something.

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