I love my dad

Bad news, my dad was bleeding internally yesterday and was taken to the hospital. They found the source of the bleeding and cauterized it.

He is in ICU now. He is expected to recover, but there are three units of blood standing by in case he starts bleeding again.

I am not sure if I will go up and see him. I definitely wil do so soon, but not sure when. I *do* know that I will be donating blood very soon.

0 thoughts on “I love my dad

  1. firecat

    My good thoughts to you, your dad, and your family. And thanks for the reminder to put “donating blood” on my to-do list (now that my anemia is taken care of).

  2. aelfsciene

    I’m so sorry to hear this! I really hope he’s better soon, hang in there.

    And you’ve reminded me to call the blood center for that apheresis rescheduling, now that I’m finally not sick.

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