Weekend Report

Friday: Out to lunch with space_parasite, aelfsciene, eldrikmt, gregbo, and some other folks, to honor Trip’s last day at AV. (I’m thinking “celebrate” is not the right word.) Trip will be missed. Please join me to wish him luck in his future (especially in finding work as a unix spud soon!)

After a bit, we left for bowling and pizza, to honor last days for a couple other folks. Bruce made it but Angie and Trip didn’t. There was much bowling and beer and doofy prizes.

Saturday: This weekend the big project was installing the TiVo Upgrade Kit from Weaknees.com. Bravo to Weaknees for pre-formatting the drives, including really great instructions, etc.

Of course, before replacing the Tivo’s drives we had to record 8 hours worth of stuff that we had been saving onto VHS tape. We didn’t do this before, because the VCR was hooked up to bypass the tivo in case we want to watch/record while tivo is busy. The solution was to rewire using an A/B switch: A=VCR/TV bypass tivo and get chan 1-100 directly, B=VCR receives TIVO output.

During recording, I also managed to go shopping and make dinner. After recording 8 hours of Jeremiah, Godzilla, Nova, couple other things, and writing down all our season passes and wish lists, I was ready to do the deed. The actual upgrade went very smoothly. I went from 37 hrs (Basic quality) to 207 hrs Basic. I plugged the season passes back in and everything is going again.

Sunday: Played with Tivo some more, giving thumbs-up for programs that we like and browsing the list of other suggestions based on my choices. Hopefully with more space on the machine it will be able to record more suggestions for me.

Also, I organized the crap in the trunk, the cat food and litter went into the shed, some things went up to the house, and the items to donate to Goodwill are still in the trunk, but now boxed together.

I slept 6.5 hrs Sat. night and 9 hrs last night. I was still dog tired this morning even after sleeping in an extra hour.

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  1. traveller_blues

    Mmmm. Did not know you bowled. Might have to dust off the ball and shoes and go at some point when finances are better. *nod*
    “Wouldn’t it be nice if causality were like a bowling ball?” -Drake
    “I can’t wait to hear this one.” -Cieran

    “Well, if you could just slide your changes down the cosmic lane and have them curve into just the right spot, and not have to worry about the reprecussions, because you were supposed to throw a strike?”

    “You just threw a gutterball, Drake.”

    “I know. I meant to. Because it’s not like bowling at all. You do it the wrong way, you end up a big fat zero.”

    “You’re learning. Took you long enough.”

    “Hey, I still have eight more frames to go.”


  2. ku_she

    TiVo. Love the TiVo. Make TiVo big and gutsy and record everything!

    Gonna miss it sooo much when we move. I was planing on being buried with my first TiVo box.

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