Hmm, it’s been a while since I made pickles. This time I made 4 jars (1L each). 2 are cucumber and onions, and 2 are carrots, onions, yellow bell pepper. All have fresh dill, and fresh garlic.

Brine solution contains: water, cider vinegar, champagne vinegar, white wine vinegar, raspberry vinegar, sugar, salt, yellow mustard seed, pickling spice, dill seed, dill weed (dried), powdered ginger, onion flakes.

Pickles Greg Made!

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    1. nekodojo

      Re: PICKLES!!!

      It’s really surprisingly easy to make them. I save time by not worrying about processing (sterilizing) and sealing, so these are refrigerator pickles and not “putting up” pickles. But they are typically gone within 4 weeks anyway, usually 2 :)

      This time, slicing up the veggies took longer than mixing the brine. I like them really sour, so I took the “Kinda Sorta Sours” recipe from Good Eats and left out some sugar, and changed the mixture of vinegars a bit.

      According to foodtv.com, the Good Eats episode “American Pickle” will be on again: January 12, 2004 3:30 AM ET/PT – definitely worth watching if you like pickles :)

      Here is my recipe posted in October… I used the same recipe this time except no turmeric – it seemed to give yellow/green color but didn’t help the flavor much.

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