Weekend report

Time for another Weekend Report.

Friday, stayed late at work, not because of any work I was doing, but because I was reading Spam-L and other anti-spam foo and lost track of time. Friday was a busy day but the rest of the week wasn’t. I think I got Baja Fresh and Pho take out because they were right near each other. On arriving home, watched TV and didn’t do much that was productive.

Saturday, slept in a little, then went with M to get her hair cut and bought some stuff at Bed Bath Beyond (or as esmerel says Bed Bath in a Handbasket). After which, got take out Thai food and went to see D and C. Dinner, game, talking, another game, and soon it was 1:50 and we said “Eeep, time to hie ourselves back.” Got to sleep about 3:30.

Sunday, woke about 11:15, consume coffee, cereal and TV. After lots of TV, I retire to geek.room and hook up the old old tape drive. This is the one that holds 4 4G tapes and will no longer open, so we have a choice of the existing 3 tapes that are loaded, or a cleaning cartridge, but that’s it. Luckily it still has a backup on it from Really.Old so hopefully that will have the files we want to restore–the Europe pictures of Michelle’s that were lost in the big move to Neko-base. Tape is now spinning, but due to a combination of “old slow tape drive” and “this is a windows box” and “saving tape image to Netbios share drive” we are getting about 55K bytes/sec throughput. (This is about 10x the speed of a 56K dialup modem). So the tape will take anywhere from 15 to 20 *hours* to load. Better check on it in the morning…

OK time to change the laundry and scrape up some dinner.

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