Things about me

Here are 6 random things about me, to feed the meme that is going around…

1. I wrote 50K words for my novel in November. I probably will finish at some point; I estimate it is 2/3 done or so. Or, I might turn the story and setting into a campaign for D&D, who knows.

2. I have been married 11 years. I consider myself poly, but M is not, so I will remain mono for the forseeable future.

3. 9th grade sucked, I went to public school, and got picked on by jocks, enough so that I skipped PE and took and F because I didn’t want to go into the locker room with my classmates. 10th-12th I went to Catholic school. I am not Catholic, but I enjoyed the environment. Some other kids made fun of me because I was a nerd but I didn’t get pushed around, that’s always a plus.

4. I think I would be a good father, because I am very patient, and have a good sense of empathy. However, I don’t believe the world needs more children in it – if I decide to be a father I would rather adopt than sire my own spawn. Also, I am too selfish with my time and money – I am not 100% done being a kid myself. I value my free time highly. We have 4 cats at home and that’s enough demands on my time, thank you.

5. I *say* that I value my free time highly, but I am still more likely to spend 2 hours watching TV per day and 0 hours doing the things I *claim* I should do with my free time, like study Java, study Japanese, write, run D&D games, whatever. Though I am thankful to Nanowrimo for breaking me of that habit for a month, it was a bit of overkill and now I’m in danger of backsliding.

6. I like spinach sauteed with garlic, I like mayonaise on my broccoli and artichokes, and ranch dressing on my fries and my salad. If ranch is not available, half-mayo and half-ketchup works for fries, and 2/3 mayo 1/3 soy sauce works for salad.

Friends, I know I haven’t been updating very often, but I do appreciate your reading my semi-random babble. Peace.

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  1. mysticmoose

    on one hand you may be sliding after Nanowrimo – but on the other hand you’ve proven that you are in fact a writer. I hope very much that when the overkill has worn off you will continue your book! I really look forward to reading the finished masterpiece!

  2. traveller_blues


    You can achieve whatever you put your mind to; you are not the sum of your fears unless you let them total you.

    I think you and I need to form a ‘no backsliding’ team, too; Chase’s tale is done, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have other writing I want to do.

    And I know other people who are non-practicing poly too — it’s always a choice, and M’s too, on your behalf, because of the shared bond between you two.

    I think you’d make a very good parent. Just because you haven’t gotten all the kid out of your system doesn’t mean that you’d make a bad parent — in some ways, it makes you a -better- one, IMHO. Parents who play with their kids get better adjusted kids, IMHO.

    And I can easily spend hours playing computer games instead of even keeping up with my journal… so I know the feeling.


    1. nekodojo

      Thanks. I sometimes get very unmotivated and M does too, so it is sometimes infectious and we sometimes “conspire” to be unmotivated together. So, please keep reminding me on the writing from time to time.

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