Just finished a difficult bit of writing. Things should start going a bit faster after this. Here is a snip of it if you want to check it out.

Lise said, “Perhaps you’re right, Ayden.” She turned on her side, propping up her head with her hand, bringing her nose-to-nose with him. “You made me feel better anyway. Thank you.” Then she kissed him on the cheek, and got up. “Good night, Ayden.”

Ayden got to his feet as well. “Good night, Lise.”

Lise turned and walked to the edge of the roof, placing one hand on the edge, then froze in place for several seconds. Slowly, she backed away from the edge and turned to Ayden, her eyes wide. She put one finger to her lips.

Ayden nodded. The message was clear: someone was below, we should be quiet. Ayden advanced slowly, trying to move as silently as possible. ( Chapter 11.5 Murder )

Edit: If you would like to read the work in progress, it’s best to start here:Working table of contents. If you have already read some of it, the stuff that was added between older stuff later is marked in red.

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