Writing was better today but still not great

After two meager (one might say “paltry”) nights of 522 and 748 words, tonight was better. It was all NOTES but there are 1100 more words of notes, all of them plot ideas.

I will probably not include the “kidnap” plot in the finished product, because it was not really going anywhere (due to me not figuring out who the BAD GUY actually is or what he wants) and also because it involves the duke’s army riding out to rescue the kidnapped nobles and my main character is just along for the ride and not doign anything.

So, there is an even more sinister plot, involving a more local bad guy, and Ayden will have to use some of his new-found powers to crack the case.

Good night.

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  1. traveller_blues

    If your notes are the ones in the story, they ought to count. And the notes help you plot ahead. I’m finding that now that I’m well past my halfway mark, I -have- to plan where the story is going, finally; making sure all of the elements are in the right spots is threatening to leak out of my ears.


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