Weekend Report

Wednesday- Met for dinner and brief gaming with J. A good time was had by all.]

Thursday- Nothing remarkable.

Friday- Managed to leave work by 4:30. Forgot what I had for dinner. I think I just watched tv or something.

Saturday- Took apart entertainment center. Received call from D asking for help moving bookcases, so we met at the furniture place around 6:00. D and C helped me get the ent. center put back together, at least enough to get tivo running again. We went to dinner at California Buffet (on De Anza or Saratoga/Sunnyvale Rd or whatever it is called there) – this place is eerily similar to Todai.. a few different kinds of fish dishes, but no ramen/udon and limited desserts. Went back to D and C’s place to help unload and hung out for an hour or two.

Sunday- Made myself eggs and cheddar-sausage for breakfast. Gave J a ride to airport. Finish putting the living room back together just in time for M to get home. Unloaded the car, then took L back to San Jose to get her car, talked for a while.

Monday- Trip to Sac again. Didn’t get started until 9 so I got there at 11. Change control events lasted until 7 pm. Got back home at 9. Actually worked out, first time in a week or so.

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