Recall No

On the way to work, three or four people were on the street corner by the freeway ramp holding signs that said “No Recall. No on 54.” I waved and gave them the thumbs up.

I made the rounds and talked to everyone at work, asking if they voted. I found at least one person who wasn’t planning to vote because he was disgusted with the whole process so I encouraged him to go Vote No. Two more people weren’t sure if they could vote or where to go, so I told them to check I reminded about 3 people that if they haven’t voted yet, they are allowed by law to leave early to go do so. The vast majority of co-workers either had voted already, and a smaller number were non-citizens here on visa or green card.

If I am lucky, absentee votes will actually get counted. If we’re really lucky the recall will get defeated.

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