Weekend report

Thursday: I think I Thursday was the day I drove M’s car to the car shop to unlock the *%^$@! radio anti-theft lock which I don’t have the code to (now we do) and to get a replacement antenna. Radio code was free, antenna was $45 plus $55 labor. The sales guy at the car radio store can’t spell “antenna”. After arriving to work late, there were a couple meetings and pretty much time to go home.

Friday: What the hell did I do on Friday. I have no idea. Dinner was Outback take-away.

Saturday: Got up about 8:30 and walked to the auto parts to get AC recharge kit ($24.99) so M’s car actually has cool air, should be at least enough for her road trip. Went to Fry’s and Action computer, unable to find a *quiet* fan for my stereo cabinet because all the fans at the right size run on 12VDC not 110VAC. I will probably try just cleaning the fan and putting it back in. To bookstore, and to fetch take out from Kabul.

Sunday: Did laundry. Help M prepare to leave, which she did about 12:00. Puttering around the house a bit after that. Decided to get off my butt and go shopping to make pickles. Exercise a bit. Receive call from M, navigated her to an appropriate hotel in Palm Springs CA. Clear off books from nightstand. Tud. sleep.

Monday: Off to Sacramento for some meetings, but got a late start, didn’t actually get there until 12. like 3 meetings with total of 7-8 people. Leave office about 5:15. On the way home, stop to visit S and H in Dublin, and we got out to have Teppan at Hana. Got home about 10:40. Don’t know why I am still awake. Tud.

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