Posted as a comment on someone else’s community entry. I wanted to keep it here for myself also. (Original comment was about boy1 behaving badly when author paid attention to boy2, and asks how to say “Listen you ass, you are dead wrong” in perhaps not just those words.)

You could start off by asking instead of telling. Sometimes doing stupid shit is a way of letting you know that he has strong feelings about… something, and is not very good at articulating them.

So the key questions are probably 1. what were you feeling when you were getting all bent; 2. if 1 is “Jealous” then is there something specific that I can do (besides fcuking you when I don’t want to) to help reassure you, and 3. can you think of a different, less agressive way to let me know how you feel, if it should happen again?

Hopefully the answer he may come up with to #3 will be similar to what you want to tell him (pound into his head, etc). Normal, healthy, and self-aware people often use a tool called “spoken English” to communicate messages like “I am feeling a bit jealous right now.” But, this requires a multi-step process, namely:
I am feeling jealous
I realize I am feeling jealous
I should tell someone

Normal, healthy people who may not be as self-aware will sometimes allow their emotions to short-circuit their upper brains and become directly connected to their behavior. So instead of “I realize I am feeling jealous” they might skip right from
I am feeling jealous right to
Something someone *else* did must be wrong

This is especially true of the absent-minded professor types or any kind of “strong male” types. These are the types who have feelings but often don’t observe that they have them. Lesser beings have “emotions” such as this “jealousy” you speak of, but Vulcans such as myself do not experience emotions. (Yeah, right, you don’t *get* jealous, you just get *really irritable* when I pay attention to someone else. Got it.)

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