Verisign wildcards

I just sent this to ICANN-

Subject: Complaint: Verisign wildcards

Verisign’s recent addition of wildcards in the com and net TLD’s:
* is a blatant abuse of their “custodianship” of these domains
* will cause numerous headaches and lost productivity for network admins
* will also cause a *huge* amount of spam to flow unhindered, which would otherwise be stopped as an obvious fake domain

They claim this is intended to “help users” — but it is clear that their motives are selfish and commercial. *.com is intended to cause advertising dollars to flow to Verisign and to cause Verisign to have an unfair advantage in securing new .com registrations.

Verisign abuses their stewardship of this domain at MY expense — as a network administrator, I am the one who has to explain to users why a huge amount of spam that was being blocked now cannot be.

ICANN, it is up to you to answer their abuse, which they have thinly-veiled as “best practices” with some REAL best practices and requirements, or else give the .com and .net contract to someone a bit more responsible.

Thanks for your time.

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