Weekend Report

Saturday: Went to Fry’s and got a printer for my mom. I also got a scsi card so I could hook up the old tape drive, and a mini sheet scanner. The first one had no instructions or software disk so I had to go back. The second one didn’t seem to work (got huge black lines all through) but after rerunning the calibrate option it seemed to work OK. Had Chevy’s mexican food for dinner.

Sunday: Domestic stuff day! Vacuumed the house while M swept. The vacuum stopped twice, probably from overheating, which might be because I wasn’t stopping to empty the cannister as much as I should have. I also did laundry.

While not being domestic, I scanned copies of about a hundred pages of bills, statements, various important papers, etc. I think this should cut down on the amount of filing I need to do, which is good because I have like 6 mo worth of bills I haven’t filed.

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