Trip to Sac. Up at 6, shower, leave 6:50, get gas.
Arrive Sac 9am. get settled in conf room, read email.
I am there to meet with LM, and AN was there too. Before lunch, they mostly talked about monitoring and I listened in.
I facilitate some communications between TP and SR. AIM is great but sometimes you just need to call. These two didn’t call each other for whatever reason, so I end up passing messages. I’m a great communicator but I’m not the only communicator. Anyway, after a bit they get settled in with AIM and I don’t need to pass messages anymore.
I do some double-checking before fetching the main admin machine that all of SAC uses. Apparently it is not enough double-checking… questions start almost immediately after I do the deed. What’s my password, why can’t I ssh in any more, why is my shell changed from bash, etc. I had been handed some bad information, but instead of pointing fingers I decide to just address the pre-existing problems as if they were my problems. I think I scored points by being polite and listening to everyone.
Anyway, the one task I did for the day had to be half-reversed because that was clobbering changes they were trying to make using the old system, so we will try again next week. I will not make my deadline but it was a soft deadline anyway and it’s more important to keep people happy and marching in the same direction.
After lunch, I spent time getting LM set up on fetch, not really training but more just showing him where everything is.
3pm I wrap up the change event and go to the data center to say hello and reassure everyone. Just spending time talking seemed to do a world of good. Stayed until 5 pm.
5-7 drive home

Went straight home. Exercise 10 miles again. I didn’t want to cook so I heated up leftovers. watched TV.
That is all.

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