Action packed day. Doesn’t feel very productive but I think I got a few
things done that I wanted to.

In at 7:06, caught up on email.
8am. Early integration meeting, worked on MS Project during meeting. My turn comes next to last anyway.
930. Find out our 930 meeting was moved to 11.
Email KC back re OEM
Answering more email questions and concerns re: fetch
11am. RH vs FE is on track, 2 good things were found out yesterday and this morning. I think we are 2/3 of the way there.
11:40 go to lunch with the team, cuban place, have mojitos and ropa vieja (skirt steak).
1:04 call in for meeting since we are still enroute to office. Had to pay $1 for no status on 1 item, but I saved 2 more by sending emails yesterday.Between 2 and 4, tried to focus on getting 1-2 machines fetched, but there were constant interruptions, so I decided to go with the flow instead.
People are still concerned about fetch, apparently they didn’t get the passwords I printed like 3 weeks ago and left with sac boss. Oh well. Decided not to press my luck, it’s more important to show sac I am on their side than to cause bad feelings by charging ahead and stomping toes.
Wrap up all email and head for home.

Exercised 10 miles, then cooked soft tacos with beef, tomatoes, cheese, beans, and salsa, plus secret sauce. (tomato sauce, mayonaisse, hot sauce) More tv, read LJ, bed.

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