Weekend Report

Friday: not much going on. Don’t remember what we did for dinner. Hmm. I think we gave the cats their doses of Advantage.

Saturday: Emptied out the trunk of the car, which previously contained 5 12-packs of pepsi, bag of something from Walgreen’s, laptop for my mom, 2 pillows, and empty bottle which previously held pre-diluted radiator fluid. The trunk now contains only 3 sheet sets from Bed Bath and Beyond, a trivet or something, and a video card. We also managed to get most of the crap off the balcony (mostly leaves and dirt, but also a rug, some chicken wire, screws, remains of the window I pushed out to install the AC, and a couple other things I can’t remember.

Also went to the pet store to get flea spray for the house and a couple other things I’m sure we needed but can’t quite remember now. We didn’t actually spray the carpets but we will do so soon.

Sunday: I slept in and forgot we were supposed to go see misty_shadows. We hopped in the car and got to her place like 3 hours late. We took the exercise bike off her hands and she helped us transport it too. Wow! Anyway she and the unicorn joined us for late lunch/early dinner. Misty_shadows liked my asparagus-and-bell-pepper pickles and traveller_blues showed us Chef Tako (see previous entry).

I worked on the vacation plans, now it seems more likely we will go on vacation August 4 and not August 25 like I had told everyone at work. We are planning to go to Vegas and hopefully take a couple friends with us. Does anyone have comments for hotels they liked or didn’t like in Vegas? Currently we are thinking about Luxor (unique, a little fancy) or Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, Aladdin, Hilton (not fancy but reliable), but it’s all pretty open-ended. Comments welcome if you have any faves or warnings :)

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  1. bryant

    The Luxor isn’t too fancy these days, but it is highly cool. I like staying in the Luxor. Downside: it’s on one end of the Strip and not so convenient to things.

    I think the Aladdin closed. I could be wrong. Hm, I guess I am. OK, Aladdin is good! Good location, too.

    The Venetian rules. Absolutely rules. Quite fancy, but I got rooms there for under 90 bucks a night, so you never know — might be worth checking discounts.

  2. goldenlily

    First off – Yay vacation!!

    Second – Note, I am a hotel snob. If I’m going somewhere nice, I want a nice hotel. If I’m going to see some sights, then I’ll sleep outside on the beach! :)

    Here’s my thoughts:

    Luxor – Tacky! Not much else to be said. Poor AC, so the smoking is really noticeable. Some of it is quite nicely done, but ug, sorry, the real thing v this, and I don’t even care for the real thing much.. :) The pool however, is lovely, and despite being down the other end of the strip there is a tram which costs $1 and will take you all the way down the strip. There’s also a train between this and the Mandalay Bay and the Excalibur, and it’s over the road from MGM and New York.

    Excalibur – Tacky. WAY TOO MANY KIDS! Okie, some of things – the show they have – was ok, but otherwise, ug, no thanks.

    Mandalay Bay – Adore, adore, adore!! I spent literally 4 hours in our suite’s tub!! The spa is amazing (it has a euculptus steam room!!) and the swimming pools are just out of this world – real beach! Love it!!

    Aladdin – Never been. Just the name of it is enough to send me running. :)

    Hilton – Same as anywhere. But reliable.

    Venetian – Haven’t stayed, bit too tacky for me (yes, it’s the real v the imitiation for me (venice is supposed to smell!), but..) I did like the inside, and the gondala ride is fun if tacky. Shops – OH MY GOD – I need to win money!! The rooms are a bit Over the top for me, but Scott loved them.

    Belagio – Haven’t stayed, but NICE. Food gorgeous (ok, so a friend is a pastry chef there and I might be biased). See it on the new Ocean’s 11. Very classic, very nice, but expensive. Shops are like Cartier etc, if that gives you an indication of prices!

    Monte Carlo – Haven’t been in it, but it looks nice from the outside. Have heard that it’s not quite up to Venetian or Mandalay Bay standards, but it’s not down with the Luxor/Cesaer’s Palace/MGM/Paris end of the game

    Oh, avoid Circus Circus unless you want to be run over by kids!!!

    Hope it helps! Wish I was coming with ya!! have lots and lots of fun!

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