Weekend report

Whoops, I almost forgot my Weekend Report!

Friday was busy trying to complete a project for work. Everything was working great (thanks to some hard work and fancy footwork on the part of my team, you guys rock!) but we decided not to announce the thing until Monday, mostly because the documentation wasn’t 100% there. I wanted to get the 2 applications to share common passwords, which would be a cheap way of getting people to use the app I *want* them to use, because they need the password for the other thing they *need* to use. That wasn’t quite happening Friday so I gave up on it and went home.

Saturday, more geeking on the same project (it is basically a bbs and a repository for documents). I made some more pickles – I think these came out more like I like them. Who would have thought that dill pickles are made with, like, actual dill? I stayed up too late working on the password problem and finally posted a reply in this thread explaining my solution at about 2 am then decided to crash.

Sunday, slept in until about 12:30, then chatted online with G, who found a much simpler way to make Apache do what we want, so after he fixed it and I tested it, I then reversed pretty much all of the changes I made on Saturday, which was fine, I liked the new solution better anyway. I also did the laundry and whipped up some more stovetop mac n cheese. (This pretty much confirmed that I prefer the stovetop variety a bit more than the baked variety.) I stayed up later than I should have, but I wanted to send the announcement telling people about our product so that the team in Norway could start using it rather than waiting until the end of their workday to hear about it. (This announcement was only sent to like 20 managers and leads, not the 150+ full team, that announcement will go out early tomorrow I hope)

Despite staying up late I managed to get up on time for work and get in there. All is well. Monday lunch, left over mac n cheese plus stir-fry chicken (never do anything by half!)

Did I mention that my team kicks ass? I need to take them out to lunch again, or actually dinner is more like it.

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