Crispy fried ramen noodles, Akane-style

1 ramen package
1 meat (optional)
Boiling water
Frying pan with oil

Boil the water. While it is getting up to a boil, open the ramen and take out the flavor packets. Cut the meat into bits at this time so it will be ready to go in. (this is assuming you have an already-cooked meat.)

When the water is boiling, start the skillet or wok with oil to heat on high. You probably want enough oil to cover the bottom of the skillet. (A flat skillet works better than a wok because you want to fry all together in one place, not stirring a lot). Drop a droplet or two of water in the frying pan so you can tell when it gets to boiling (the water droplets will pop – make them really small droplets for this reason.)

The water should be boiling fast at this point. Drop the ramen noodles in. They only need to cook for 20 sec or so. YOu can use this time to drop the meat in the frying skillet, then it will be time to take the noodles off. Drain them as well as you can. Add the flavor packet after draining the noodles so that the flavor doesn’t all wash away, but before the noodles become too dry. This might be too much salt if you are not a salt addict like me so go easy if you don’t like it too salty.

After draining the noodles as much as you can, drop them into the frying pan along with the meat. This should sizzle nicely. Edge the meat out towards the edges of the pan – it doesn’t need cooking, just reheating and a little crisping at the edges. Keep it on high. If you use more oil you will get more crispy noodles though not all of them will get crispy no matter what you do.

This will take a couple to three minutes and you will want to flip once during this process. If the whole mass doesn’t flip all at once, no worries, just move them around so the crispy sides are up, mostly, and go another minute.

Chow down!

0 thoughts on “Crispy fried ramen noodles, Akane-style

  1. agrimony

    I don’t get the Akane style bit, but that sounds yummy! Thanks! I’ll have to try it with the approximately 34590743259073456927690456 pounds of left over ham I have from Easter. :)

  2. traveller_blues

    I’ve always wanted to pull off this particular trick — mine always come out soupy when I do it this way. *nod* This weekend, yis.

    (“Show us…. your skill, with oil.” -Kaga)

    (By the way, should I be concerned that you dub this ‘Akane style?’)


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