Don’t cry over spilled… soup?

Yesterday I bought myself Vietnamese noodle soup on the way home (and something else for M because she doesn’t care for that). Anyway, when I got home, I fumbled while lifting the soup out of the back seat and *sploot* — nice hot red beef stew directly on the back seat.

Argh! I was frustrated at this for two reasons. 1. I wanted to go inside, not spend 25 minutes cleaning the car, and 2. I really wanted that soup! Oh well. I mopped it up with paper towels and napkins. Then I got an old shirt out of the trunk (on its way to be donated, now on its way to the laundry again) and went through a couple of cycles of pouring water on the seat and mopping it up with the shirt. Then I went upstairs and got soapy water and repeated a couple more times. Final step was to spray Febreze on the seat. I went upstairs and made crispy fried ramen noodles with a bit of diced ham.

Amazingly my car didn’t smell like soup in the morning, which I guess is a good sign. Anyway, after work today I went to the same place and got the same soup. Actually it was not as good as I had anticipated, but at least I am now quite full.

OK almost time to turn in I think. Good night.

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  1. thistle_chaser

    If it ends up with some kind of lingering smell (especially after the sun hits it), you might try going to the pet store and getting one of those cleaner for animal accidents. When a quart of milk leaked onto my car seat, then got baked in by the August sun, that made all the difference.

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