Called my house rep

Regarding HR 1146, proposed by a gentleman from Texas, concerning ending United States participation in the UN, I have called my representative to express my views. Here is the recipe in case someone else wants to serve a batch as well :)

1. Find representative here:
2. Call the number.
3. Say “I’m a constituent from ____(city). I would like to ask the congressman to oppose ______(whatever bill). I feel strongly that we should _____(verb).”
4. Say “Can you tell me if the congressman has a position on this issue?”
5. Listen. Say “Thank you.”
6. Hang up.

0 thoughts on “Called my house rep

  1. merlinofchaos

    I highly doubt this issue is important enough to bother calling congresscritters about.

    It seems to me that someone was looking through the Thomas guide and found this bill. Yes it’s shocking, yes it’d be political suicide for the United States. but I believe he tries to put this bill through every year, and I believe it gets quite firmly shot down every year.

    I would thoroughly research this issue before contacting your congressperson about this issue and make sure you understand its history and its probable future before you act; while it’s a good thing to get involved in politics and communicate with congresspeople, it’s a good idea to understand the issues first.

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