Playing Bookworm just now. I very carefully lined up the word “LIENHOLDER” but it didn’t recognize it as a word. Sigh. I don’t think I have ever had a 10-letter word. I played LIEN and HOLDER for 2880 points between the two, but playing one long word would have been “fantastic!”

OK time for bed now.

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  1. jakeaidan

    It won’t let you play more than an eight letter word.
    I won’t tell you the curse words I generated when I was denied “plagarists”. You can’t even break that up easily. And LOOK…two gold letters.

    1. traveller_blues

      Irony: the longest word I played was ‘JOURNAL’ — though the best word I played was ‘AXIOMS.’

      I couldn’t help but notice the hat on your user icon (which is why I’m replying to this note instead of directly)… if that’s what I think it is…


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