failed save vs, stupidity

Well it looks like fumbled my request in a bad way. So if you need to reach me, please try my alternate email “gconnor@nekodojo.COM” or Went something like this.

Q: (12:13 am) Hello, I have moved one of my DNS servers. Can you please change the IP for to Thanks.

A: (12:56 am) You’ve requested to modify DNS for your domain name. Please respond to this email … In the ‘Notes’ section, please outline the changes you’d like made to your account and state that you confirm those changes.

Q: (2:20 pm) As I stated, please change the following DNS server to the new IP given here: = YES I confirm this change. Please process it without delay. (I would prefer to be able to do this over the web, but there is no web tool for this. According to your faq: “How can I change the IP Address of my DNS? If you need to change this information for any reason, please contact Customer Support. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.” However, your reply seems to indicate that my request was either incomplete or misdirected, so if I am doing something wrong, please let me know.

A: (6:55 pm) Thank you for your rquest to change the IP of your DNS. We have forwarded your email to the appropriate department, who will contact you soon in this regard. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you due to the possible delay.

[ 8:40 pm, domain stops working. Instead of changing one IP they have deleted all four. ]

Q: (9:00 pm) Hello. My domain doesn’t work right now. You were supposed to change one IP address and instead there are no servers listed at all.

A: Oh, it looks like I am not able to solve this problem until the tech team gets in at 8:00 pm. (It is about 1 am there, wherever they are)

Q: OK since my main email is now broken can you have them email “” or just calling my cell.

A: OK will do!

[ Me going to dinner, once back I am still impatient so I try their “online help service” ]

Q: (11:40) Ack! my domain is still broken, can you help?

A: OK please hold. OK I am going to need a lot of information.

Q: OK here it is, new servers, etc.

A: OK I need to verify your identity, what credit card did you use to sign up with originally?

Q: Here it is.

A: OK thanks for the info. I will have someone get back you. Once the change is made it may take up to 24-72 hours to become live. What email address can they reach you one?

Q: ok since my domain is broken now, please use my alternate email

A: OK we will get back to you.

Q: ETA please?

A: I understand this is urgent, we will get back to you ASAP.

Q: Please ask them to provide an email summary of the cause of the error?

A: OK will do.

[ is still down… Needless to say they just lost my business, I am moving to asap. ]

Edit: After they promised someone would get back to me about 8 am their time (5 am my time), nobody called or emailed. I called a third time at 12:20 and held for 20 minutes.

Q: My domain is still broken, and I would like to know if someone is taking a look at the problem.

A: Let me check it out… (hold 5 min) OK, it looks like you were requesting a DNS server change? That has to be done manually, dot-org registry is having some problems with those type of changes. blah blah blah.

Q: OK, so what is the next step? I had asked for one IP to be changed and now all four entries were deleted and my domain is broken.

A: Ah, you are right, it looks like there are no DNS servers listed for your domain. So, did you want to go ahead with the IP change, or, uh, what?

Q: Well at this point I don’t really care about the IP change, the domain will work using the other three servers regardless of the IP change. The fact that there are currently NO servers assigned for my domain is currently my most urgent problem. That would seem to be a mistake on someone’s part. I’m quite upset about that. If we could get at least one working server registered?

A: Well, there would have to be a minimum of two, of course.

Q: I understand that. I was intending to change one and leave the other three alone. I’m confused as to why all four were deleted.

A: Uh, well, I’m not sure, but it looks like there was some misunderstanding, because you asked for the IP of one server to be changed, and you didn’t mention anything about the others, so the technician probably just *assumed* that you wanted, uh just that one?

Q: I don’t quite understand what you mean, if it was a mistake, that’s understandable, but let’s get it fixed ASAP please. But if you’re saying that what I wrote before was probably misinterpreted, I don’t see how that can be true.

A: Well, because you mentioned the change for one server and didn’t mention the others… uh, it sounds like it was a misunderstanding all around…

Q: I don’t understand how a technician could have thought that I wanted them all deleted. There would always need to be at least two, right?

A: I’m not sure what happened, actually. Let me just try to get the nameservers added back in and we can deal with the IP change later.

Q: That would be excellent. The servers are the same as, please check that domain for the ip addresses.

A: OK, I will get this entered right now.

Q: Do you know how long this will take?

A: Well it should go into the next automatic update, but I don’t actually know when that is…

Q: OK, thanks for your help. Can you please make a note that after this is fixed I would like to receive a detailed explanation of what went wrong?

A: OK, will do!

[ At this point the WHOIS lookup has changed so that it has the right servers back again instead of an empty list, but the official ORG zone has not been updated. It’s been four hours. Still waiting… ]

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  1. thistle_chaser

    Godaddy is who I used, based on the recommendations of a number of friends. Everything went fast and smoothly. (I only dealt with their web interface, and the sent me one email once everything was set up.)

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