Weekend report

Oh is it time for another weekend report? OK. Left work just about on time Friday, and met with Laura here at the house. Laura is going to be doing some work for me on the Nekodojo family of servers, because I kinda would like someone else to do the sysadmin stuff around the dojo for a while, and she gets some internship points out of it. Together we will work on migrating the servers to the new DSL, migrating charon services to neko-base, and other cool projects, time permitting. Excellent!

Also on arriving home Friday, my home PC seemed to be working fine but it was logged in as M and not as me, so I just decided to reboot it. It did not come back alive… After several failed attempts to boot safe mode, last known good, recovery console, etc nothing worked. I ended up reinstalling XP twice (once to get to my data to back it up, second time to nuke the drive). After the second reinstall, everything is happy again. I successfully reinstalled XP, Office, Outlook, PGP, Mulberry, Norton AV, Quicktime and a couple other things I forget now. The ironic part is that I just had the helpdesk guys at work reinstall my work machine, so I went through all that at work on Thursday with win2K. My laptop is getting quite a bit of play as a backup machine, still running 98 and being a champ. All is well everywhere again.

Saturday, we went out shopping or something, can’t quite remember. Oh, we found excellent gifts for the White Elephant at mallen/bha’s birthday, we just needed some wrapping paper. Miche decided not to go to the party because she was already starting to get tired at 5 pm. But I went and had a great time. I have determined that Lynette makes great beer (everything is better with your own keg and CO2), mallen makes great bbq pork ribs, bha looks quite fantabulous and blue in dancing garb, and Merlin makes just about everything he touches into great food, even when it is incredibly bad-for-you food. Hooray for all! We got to give away a couple things we have had lying about for a while (though sadly nobody took my unopened copy of Winblows98) and we inherited some nice bath things for M. We watched Scrubs and it was still cool, I have to figure out why our tivo doesn’t record Scrubs anymore.

Sunday, went shopping to get fabrics and also food, and then met Laura again for more Nekodojo geek work. Had Thai food for dinner, Siam Thai is still the best place I know in Cupertino/SantaClara area.

OK now it is time to turn in. Good night all.

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  1. esmerel

    Check your listing for it – it didn’t show for two weeks, but did this week. The tivo is probably ok, it’s just that the networks dinking with the listings are making it cranky.

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