Weekend update

Pain in my leg is better, but not completely gone. I can move around fine, about the only thing I can’t do well is put on socks and tie shoes. It hurts to bring my leg up and lean forward at the same time. I went in the hot tub for like 90 minutes and did lots of stretches, and I need to keep doing that. Next doctor visit is like the 17th or so, and if it’s not better by then I will try to get into some therapy.

Altaia game on Friday was cool. I made some suggestions for searching things, which ended up leading us in the right direction, though it was Chris as Hugh who really saved the day with a Wild-Ass Guess. Yay for impetuous, and yay for search rolls. I am figuring out that Veldan is impetuous and quirky, but probably not dumb; he must have some kind of brain on him to become a caster.

I reorganized my email accounts and filtering. For my home account, it will go through Spamcop before getting to me, in most cases. If you have sent me mail and didn’t get a response, try emailing postmaster @ nekodojo.org, that will not be filtered. So far Spamcop seems to be on-target regarding what’s spam and what isn’t.

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